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3 Ways to overcome your relationship problems more effortlessly. | Relationship advice | Relationship problems | Find love | Spiritual guidance | 3 Principles | Click through to read the post.

3 Ways to overcome your relationship problems more effortlessly

I believe that the hardest times we experience in life can be some of the deepest learning points available to us. Because of the struggles I experienced in my relationships I learned to see what was really holding me back. When I was still looking for love I may have been watching romantic movies knowing …

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8-Week Coaching Program for heart-centered women

Five years ago when sitting in my small, but comfy apartment in a foreign country where I was living at that time, I experienced an insight of the inside—out nature of my experiences. This insight didn't only allow me to overcome the anxiety I was experiencing at that time, but when deepened, find the love within me …

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My top 10 life-changing books when you are soul-searching, that can help us to see our life and relationships in a new light. Click through to read the post.

My top 10 life-changing books when you are soul-searching

— That can help you to see your life and relationships in a new light. Do you want to change your life? Or desperately want to transform your life and relationships? Five years ago I was living in my small, but comfortable apartment and finishing my university studies. If you looked from the outside everything …

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How to deepen your relationships with the help of communication. Click through to read the post.

How to use communication to deepen your relationships

So that you can enjoy loving and fulfilling relationships more effortlessly. I hear many times people sharing how they believe that lack of communication is the reason for their problems in a relationship. However when they think like that they don't see what communication really is. Communication is always neutral and it cannot make any …

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Do we really need to work on our relationships?

And how to have good relationships more effortlessly. “Love is the natural state of our relationships.” — Rohini Ross We are often told that we need to work on our relationships in order to be able to enjoy them more. We think that the other person needs to be in a certain way, spend more …

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How to forgive another person when we feel hurt

Sometimes we find it hard to forgive another person. We might think that we feel the way we do because of what they have done or said. That's not true. Our feeling of hurt is always coming from our own way of seeing the situation. Read my post for the Chopra Center How to forgive …

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You are exactly where you are supposed to be in life

There’s something special about birthdays. They just make my heart smile. The people who you haven’t talked for years message you and send their wishes, the loved ones treat you extra well. Every year I feel like my heart expands and my understanding grows. I hear people stressing about their age, but I feel in …

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How to stop that endless seeking of self-love and find love within

  “Seeking love keeps you from the awareness that you already have it—that you are it.” ― Byron Katie There's this misunderstanding where the love that we look for comes from. We look for love in another person, in a perfect relationship and in the acceptance of other people. When it comes to self-love we …

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