"Change  — Real change — Comes from the inside out"

 Stephen Covey




Innate health coaching is for women who want to find that greater sense of wellbeing, so that they can have strong, healthy relationships and build long, lasting love.


You want to experience the fulfillment that comes from finding love that lasts a lifetime. 

You want to release your limiting beliefs, so that you can manifest more love into your life and find your true self. You want to change your negative relationship patterns, so that you can bring back that feeling of closeness and connection. You want to have the kind of relationships your heart deeply desires — But you feel like there's something stopping you from getting what you want.

Maybe you have already tried to make the change. You have tried to think more positively, talk to your friends and read several self-help books. You have tried journaling, affirmations, meditation and be more self-loving — But nothing has really worked.

Hi, I'm Heidi and I believe in happiness that comes from within and relationships that make you smile.

Five years ago I was feeling lost, because I thought it was hard for me to find love and build the kind of relationships my heart desired.

When I learned to see where my experience of other people was coming from, I found myself and that greater sense of wellbeing, and my relationships changed. It became easy for me to connect with others, find lasting love and build healthy relationships — And only 3 months after the relationship I had been looking for showed up into my life. 

When my thinking shifted naturally through deeper understanding change happened effortlessly. I feel grateful for the simple, yet profound understanding I have learned, that has not only allowed me to create positive change and have strong, healthy relationships — But has also allowed my clients to change their negative relationship patterns and build strong, lasting love.

Innate health coaching is an 8 weeks coaching program for you to see through your limiting thinking, so that you can find your own inner wellbeing and build stronger, healthier relationships.

I created this program because I see clearly how you, like everyone of us, we have inside everything we need to create the kind of positive relationships we want. I believe that those difficult times in our life can be the deepest learning points available to us. I'm here to help you to see through your limiting beliefs and support you to connect more with your own inner guidance, so that you and your relationships can transform.

Real change always comes from within. It's when you first find your own inner resources, your outside world changes.


This program is for you if

You want to change your life and relationships and feel good about yourself.

Maybe you feel like it is hard to attract love and the right relationship into your life? Or you feel like you have lost the feeling of passion and connection with your partner.

It's hard for you to overcome your insecurities and fear of rejection and let go of your hurt feelings.

You might be still healing from a heartbreak or trying to change your relationship.

Maybe the communication is not working and you wonder where did you lose the feeling of closeness and connection.

There are times when you ask yourself is this the right person for you or are you just too different for each other.

All your time is going on feeling disconnected when you would just really want to feel close to your partner again.

If only the other person could change and appreciate you more, you could feel loved again.

Some of the results women have had after working with me

Going from feeling hopeless when it comes to dating to enjoying themselves and dating again, without the weight of their past.

Going from feeling frustrated that nothing is going forward in the relationship, to feeling connected again and 1-2 years later getting engaged and starting a family.

Going from feeling worried because of the lack of passion they experience in the relationship to relaxing, recognizing where the feeling of connection comes from and wanting to spend more time with their partner.

Going from having hurtful conversations and feeling frustrated because of the lack of intimacy to realizing how one has the power creating the intimacy in a relationship.

Going from feeling insecure in the relationship and how much the other person cares about them to experiencing a breakthrough and the next time I hear about them they are getting married.

Going from feeling not sure if the relationship is the right one for them to reconnecting with their partner and finding the happiness in the relationship again.





We all have within us everything we need to have the loving and healthy relationships we are looking for —When we first find that greater sense of wellbeing, good relationships happen naturally to us.






During our time together you'll learn to

Overcome your limiting beliefs and insecurities, so that you can embrace more your true essence, find love and have stronger, healthier relationships.

Change your negative relationship patterns, so that you can heal your relationships and build long, lasting love.

 Use communication to strengthen your relationships and create deep and satisfying connections.

Overcome the specific relationship problems you are experiencing, so that you can find positive solutions and feel close and connected in your relationship again.

Be more present in your life and relationships so that you can find that feeling of connection and bring back that feeling of love and intimacy you experience with your partner.

 Connect with your inner wellbeing and be more self-loving, so that you can fall in love with life again and bring fast, positive change into your life.



What we are all about
We don't look for answers to
your problems in the past
What we are all about
We recognize that our thinking
in the moment is creating our experiences
What we are all about
When your thinking shifts naturally
through deeper understanding
What we are all about
Change happens
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What are people saying about my teaching

"She gave me the breakthrough I'd been searching for..."

Heidi verbalized exactly what I have dealt with regarding my thoughts when I don't hear from my partner. It has made a huge difference in how I interact (or react) to my partner. She gave me the breakthrough I'd been searching for. I can't thank you enough!

Laura Lindsey Clarke, United States

"She helped me to see things in an entirely new light..."

My coaching session with Heidi was profoundly eye opening. As someone who has been struggling with dating (single for 7 years!) she helped me to see things in an entirely new light. Without her perspective I may not have ever recognized what was truly holding me back. I questioned whether or not it was worth my time because I've considered myself to be "hopeless" in this department. I was supremely impressed with how the call went and would 100% recommend a session to anyone who is on the fence about considering. Heidi has definitely found her calling, and the wisdom she shares is applicable in all areas of life.

Image is not available

Ashley D, dōTERRA Gold, Certified Aromatherapist

"For years I have sought intimacy
with my wife..."

For years I have sought intimacy with my wife. Heidi's point of view was very insightful. It made me realize that I have a responsibility for creating the intimacy. I have a role in her response to me. It really was an epiphany for me. Thank you so much.

David Litterello, United States

"Her ability to allow me to view my current situation, set of emotions and stress as a projected image of myself instead of really ME was transformative."

Heidi's coaching came at a time when I needed very much to see an outside perspective. Her ability to allow me to view my current situation, set of emotions and stress as a projected image of myself instead of really ME was transformative. I took immediate action steps to increase my positive energy to match my new-found awareness."

Jennie Backstrom, New momma, Holistic wellness coach

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Here's what happens inside the coaching program


After your complimentary call and as soon as you enroll we schedule our first coaching call together.


You will get weekly (8) 60 min one-on-one coaching calls via Skype/Zoom and unlimited email access to me between our sessions for extra support and guidance.



After the 8 weeks period has ended you will get one (1) follow up session (that can be used within 2 months after the end of the program) to support you on your journey.


Your Investment 

The best way for you to know if my coaching program is the right option for you is to book a complimentary call with me. During our call together I will take the time to understand your unique situation, your needs and the results you seek.

Complimentary Call



8 Weeks Coaching Program




More about Heidi

I'm Heidi, Transformative coach, Yoga teacher and Writer, loving ocean, sleeping late on Sunday mornings and endless cups of tea.

Helping women find that greater sense of well-being and have relationships that feel good.

Fill out the form below if you have any questions or if you'd like to schedule a complimentary call with me. I'd love to hear from you.   

 One-on-one coaching with Heidi — Innate Health coaching is all about recognizing that we all have inside everything we need to find that greater sense of wellbeing, have relationships that feel good and create change inside-out. One on one coaching, Three principles coaching, Inside-out coaching, 3 Principles coaching



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