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How to overcome obstacles and see them more as the gift they are

How to overcome obstacles and see them more as the gift they are. Sometimes we find it hard to overcome challenges in life. We feel like the obstacles we experience are stopping us from enjoying life and getting what we want. But when we think like this we don't see what kind of gift these obstacles can be (if we allow them to be) opening us up to seeing something new, beyond our limiting beliefs. Click through to read the post.

“Obstacles aren’t in the way, they are the way” — Dr. Ron Hulnick

When it comes to the challenges we experience in life we often believe that they have the power to stop us from getting what we want.

Whether we feel like we are in a job that doesn't fulfill us, in a relationship where we have lost the feeling of connection, or looking for that perfect love we haven't been able to find yet.

We believe that these obstacles are on our way and if only we overcame them we could be happy.

What I have come to see is the opposite. Our obstacles are not on our way, but they are the way. They are the way for us to experience what we ultimately want in life in a more profound way we though was possible. They are the way for us to let go of our limiting beliefs and go beyond the misunderstanding where our happiness really comes from.

We have always the power to see our situation in a new light

I used to look for love. I used to look for it in another person and in a perfect relationship. I thought that love was the only thing missing from my life and if only I found the relationship I was looking for I could be happy.

Somehow it never happened. No matter how much I was searching I never found that relationship and I felt the heaviness of this obstacle in my heart.

Then I came to understand that the love I was looking for I already had within me. I didn't need anyone else to complete me anymore. After three months of my realization the relationship I had been looking for showed up in my life.

We have always the power to see our situation in a new light. The more we are willing to question our limiting thinking, the more we can see our challenges as a gift rather than something that can stop us from living our lives to the fullest.

Seeing obstacles as a gift

My challenge of finding the relationship I was looking forced me to look within where I found an unlimited source of love. My obstacle was here to point me to the right direction.

Finding happiness and love within got me to regain my own power and show up in my relationships from the place of unconditional love. I learned that my happiness doesn't depend on the other person and how he is not here to complete me. This opened me up to experience love over my expectations.

Whatever we look for, whether it is a greater sense of wellbeing, a perfect relationship or a job that makes us feel fulfilled, our obstacles are here to guide us. They are here to help us to overcome our limiting beliefs, bring light where there is a misunderstanding and allow us to expand to our full potential.

They are here to show us what is there beyond what we are looking for.

What we are ultimately looking for

If we haven't got what we wanted yet and feel discouraged, it doesn't mean that we won’t get there one day. It only means that we have been looking to the wrong direction and haven't been able to see our own resourcefulness yet.

We have always the possibility to experience every situation in a new way —And when we do, our mind opens up. We begin to see our situation in a new light and notice things that we didn’t see before.

We begin to see that we are already ultimately fine, regardless whether we get what we want. The acceptance that follows opens the door for us to see our challenges as a path for deeper learning.

My obstacle of not finding the relationship I was looking for became my biggest teacher and a gift without I would not have been able to find the love that I was truly looking for.

The real change always comes from within. It is when we first begin to see our situation in a new light our outside circumstances change. — Not the other way around.

Many times we think that getting what we want is going to bring us that feeling of happiness, love, safety or fulfillment what we ultimately look for. We think that getting what we want is the direct path to where we want to go, when in reality it might be a detour.

We realize that the fulfillment that comes from reaching our goals is never lasting and instead of placing our happiness to another outer goal we want to look within.

Seeing that our obstacles are here to show us that there is something more for us to see, allows us to step our foot to the more direct path, stay open and allow life to bring in front of us whatever there is for us to see.

Our obstacles are not here to diminish our light. They are here to brighten it.

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