This program is for you to begin to awaken that greater sense of wellbeing, that is the foundation for more loving and effortless relationships.

When we begin to see where our experiences come from and experience that feeling of wellbeing from within, we naturally begin to have relationships that feel good.



In this program you’ll learn about an understanding that will allow us to



 Access more of that greater sense of well-being from within


 See ourselves already as whole and complete


 Experience change that comes from within


 Find love and experience loving relationships more effortlessly


 Have relationships that get only better over time


 Experience deeper feelings of love and connection


 See beyond our challenges and insecure thinking more effortlessly


   Communicate in a way that allows our relationships to deepen


 Understand that everyone of us can experience a change of heart and how we can best support the other person





Most of the times it takes only one person to create the change when it comes to our relationships.

This is because when our level of understanding about life deepens and we begin to show up more from that place of love and understanding our relationships get affected. Where we come from when it comes to our relationships matters.

And when we begin to show up more from this place of love and wellbeing from within this helps to draw out the wellbeing in the other person as well.












30 Days for better relationships

This program is designed for your to begin to see beyond your limiting thinking when it comes to love and relationships, so that you can begin to awaken that wellbeing from within that is the foundation for better relationships.


You’ll receive:




 Short audios for everyday, allowing your understanding to deepen, yet leaving room for your own wisdom to begin to emerge.



Daily emails reminding you about the audios of the day.



 An opportunity to submit questions and share your insights for extra love and support.




This program will be available again in early 2019




Beginning of something new

Even if this program is limited to 30 days you’ll continue to deepen your understanding and experience your insights after the program has been finished.

When you keep on looking to the direction that you learn to look at during this program, you’ll experience relationships that get only better over time.

For extra love and support you’ll also have the option to download the audios, so that you can keep on coming back to them if needed and allow both your understanding and relationships continue to deepen.






About Heidi

Heidi shares an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, which is our true nature. When we connect more with this true nature of ours we begin to gain our own insights, find that greater sense of wellbeing and naturally have relationships that feel good.



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