As long as I can remember love has always been one of the most important things for me in life. For long I was looking for that feeling outside of myself, until I learned to see where my moment-to-moment experience was coming from. That’s when I found what I was truly looking for.

I remember lying in my bed thinking that I cannot survive — I was experiencing my second anxiety attack. The feelings and thoughts in my head were too much for me to take. Then suddenly I heard a voice within that told me to walk into my laptop and look for help.

I came to a website where they said that no matter how you are feeling, you will survive the anxiety attack. I heard something beyond those words. I experienced an insight, how my thoughts and feelings in the moment had nothing to do with the reality — And in that instant my anxiety was gone.

That is the power of an insight. When we see something deeper, something that we recognize within us to be true, our life literally changes. From that moment on anxiety never had the same power over me and that was the beginning of my journey allowing my own insights and wisdom guide me in life.


I believe in happiness that comes from within, relationships that make you smile and that we all have inside everything we need to create the changes we are looking for.


Three months after I came in contact with an understanding that 
explained me my experience earlier — The Three Principles. These Principles discovered by Sydney Banks explain us our human experience. 

They explained me how all the anxiety I was experiencing, was not coming from my outside circumstances, but from my own internal thinking. I had been putting too much pressure on myself at that time, thinking that I had to figure out what to do with my life, and getting too caught up in my thinking.

Deepening my understanding of my experience allowed me to let go of my anxious thoughts and experience a greater sense of wellbeing, that came from within me.

The biggest shift however I experienced when I recognized that the same applies to our relationships. Gaining a deeper understanding of this allowed me to get out my head, thinking about my relationships (which I didn’t even realize I was doing at such a great amount) and becoming more present with others.

I was traveling in Bali at that time, and suddenly everyone I came in contact with were incredible nice towards me. First, I didn’t even realize what had happened, until I understood how when the way I saw other people changed, my relationships began to change too.

I started to feel a new kind of connection and closeness with others and they could feel this too. People who I had just met told me how they felt safe and happy in my presence. This is the power of where we come from when we are with other people.

I became so happy that I completely stopped caring whether I’d find the relationship that I had been looking for. I now saw how the love and happiness I was looking for I already had within me — And only 3 months after the person I had been looking for showed up into my life.


Having the kind of relationships we desire is only one thought away — And it all starts from within.


Today I recognize how we all have within us everything we need to overcome the challenges we face in our life and relationships. I know that I can be as happy with and without my partner, because my love and happiness are not dependent on my outside circumstances.

And I know too that you have everything within to overcome the challenges you are facing when it comes to your life and relationships.


With all my love