Letting go of the fear of losing the other person

Letting go of the fear of losing the other person

Letting go of the fear of losing the other person.

Over the last years I’ve received many questions when it comes to our relationships and love. And for some reason I now felt inspired to share some of these questions and what I’ve come to see around them.

Because I believe that if there’s one person struggling with something, there are always many others as well. We’re never as alone as we may think that we are.

So today I wanted to talk about how we can overcome the fear of losing the other person. We may feel terrified of finding ourselves heartbroken, especially if that’s somethings that we have experienced in the past.

Here our greater understanding again is the key. Understanding where does our experience come from — Both the feelings of fear that we may experience and the feelings of love that we’re blessed with.

Whenever we feel anxious or fearful we are seeing the world through our limiting thinking. We are not seeing the reality nor our relationships as they truly are.

Our perspective is very narrowed and from this state of mind it’s normal that the worst case scenarios might cross our minds.

When we understand that this is happening it becomes easier for us to let go of our fearful thinking. When we understand that our fears don’t hold any water we may relax.

And as soon as we relax and our mind calms down, a new reality will be awakened from within us.

We’ll see the other person and our relationship with much more clarity. We can see the good in it again and feel connected to the other person. Whenever we feel fearful it’s impossible for us to enjoy the relationship at the same time.

And not only are we able to enjoy the other person and our relationship again, but it’ll be much easier for the other person to find these feelings of closeness as well. The place from where we show up always shows in our world.

From this place and state of mind when we can see with more clarity again it becomes easier for us to see the bigger picture as well.

It becomes easier for us to recognize how the other person is not the source of our love and wellbeing, but we self are. We’re the source and therefore there’s nothing for us to worry about. Love will always be guaranteed.

So when we are able to let go of the fear and see with greater understanding, not only are we able to enjoy our relationship again and find that feeling of connection with the other person, but also we’ll recognize more how there never really was anything to worry about.

The feeling of love will always be guaranteed, no matter what form it takes on the outside world, when we simply self show up from that place of love.

Recognizing what is creating our experience will not only allow us to see that and find our peace, no matter what, but it’ll also give us the best opportunity for allowing our current relationship to flourish.

When we show up from that place of peace and calmthat ultimate fulfillment from within us — we create the best opportunity for our partner to find these feelings from within them as well.

We create the best foundation and more room for the relationship to flourish.

It always starts from within us and we have the power when it comes to our experience of the relationship and the other person. We just need to be able to see that, recognize the good where it is and let go of the kind of thinking that weights us down.

And we’ll have a totally new experience of our relationship. We’ll be able to find these feelings of love and connection in depths that we have never experienced before and bring out the best that our relationship can offer.

When we experience the fear of losing the other person, recognize where is your thinking in the moment. See that you’re caught up in your thinking and that as soon as your thinking calms down you’ll have a totally new experience of the situation.

— An experience of love, connection and deeper understanding of your situation and relationship with the other person.

Letting go of the fear of losing the other person is not an active act, but something that naturally happens when our understanding deepens, we see the beauty in that what is, relax and let the present moment in.

Heidi Paavilainen

Sharing an understanding that allows us to connect more with that deeper part within us, so that we can find our own answers from within, find that greater sense of wellbeing and have relationships that feel good. Receive my weekly emails about love and wellbeing or learn more about my One-on-one coaching program here.

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