Innate Health coaching is all about recognizing that we all have within us everything we need to overcome the challenges we are facing in life.


When we begin to see beyond our challenges and limiting beliefs and come more from that place of wellbeing within us we begin to experience:


Real change always comes from within. When our understanding about life deepens and we begin to experience our own insights, change happens inside—out. 


We begin to see beyond our insecurities and limiting thinking and experience greater sense of wellbeing. 


We begin to experience deeper feelings of compassion and kindness and our relationships get affected. Good relationships begin to happen naturally for us.


Deeper feelings of connection naturally arise when we begin to see beyond our thinking. We begin to feel more close and connected to others.


We begin to see beyond our feelings of anxiety and stress and experience more peace of mind, contentment and fulfillment.


Feelings of self love, confidence and self worth naturally arise from that place of our new-found awareness.


Do you want to experience greater sense of love and wellbeing?

The true aim of this coaching is not for you to overcome your challenges. It is for you to gain a deeper understanding about the true nature of our experiences. So that you can connect more with that deeper part within you — The place that holds the ultimate answer for all of our challenges in life — and begin to live in those greater feelings of wellbeing. 

When our understanding about life deepens and we begin to show up more from this place of wellbeing within us, change happens effortlessly. The potential within us is always greater than any challenges we are experiencing.



One-on-one coaching with Heidi

This coaching is for you if you are ready to take that step forward and find these beautiful feelings within you. During our time together I’ll share an understanding that has profoundly changed my, and so many other people’s life. You’ll begin to gain your own insights and find that deeper feeling from within — It’s already there.


A 30 min conversation (via Skype or Zoom) for you to see if my coaching is the right fit for you and get a feel of the transformational nature of this understanding.

During our call together we’ll discuss about the nature of your challenges and the ultimate potential we all already carry within us.



Weekly 75 min coaching conversations (via Skype or Zoom) for you to begin to see through those limiting beliefs of yours, gain your own insights about this transformational understanding and step into your own feelings of wellbeing.

+ Unlimited email access between our sessions for extra love and support.




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About Heidi

Heidi shares an understanding that allows us to see beyond our limiting thinking to that deeper part within us which is pure potentiality, our true nature. When we connect more with this true nature of ours we begin to gain our own insights, find that greater sense of wellbeing from within and naturally have relationships that feel good.

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Laura Lindsey Clarke, United States

“She gave me the breakthrough I’d been searching for…”

Heidi verbalized exactly what I have dealt with regarding my thoughts when I don’t hear from my partner. It has made a huge difference in how I interact (or react) to my partner. She gave me the breakthrough I’d been searching for. I can’t thank you enough!


Ashley D, dōTERRA Gold, Certified Aromatherapist

“She helped me to see things in an entirely new light…”

My coaching session with Heidi was profoundly eye opening. As someone who has been struggling with dating (single for 7 years!) she helped me to see things in an entirely new light. Without her perspective I may not have ever recognized what was truly holding me back. I questioned whether or not it was worth my time because I’ve considered myself to be “hopeless” in this department. I was supremely impressed with how the call went and would 100% recommend a session to anyone who is on the fence about considering. Heidi has definitely found her calling, and the wisdom she shares is applicable in all areas of life.


Jennie Backstrom, New momma, Holistic wellness coach

“Her ability to allow me to view my current situation, set of emotions and stress as a projected image of myself instead of really ME was transformative.”

Heidi’s coaching came at a time when I needed very much to see an outside perspective. Her ability to allow me to view my current situation, set of emotions and stress as a projected image of myself instead of really ME was transformative. I took immediate action steps to increase my positive energy to match my new-found awareness.


David Litterello, United States

“For years I have sought intimacy
with my wife…”

For years I have sought intimacy with my wife. Heidi’s point of view was very insightful. It made me realize that I have a responsibility for creating the intimacy. I have a role in her response to me. It really was an epiphany for me. 

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