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Where does the feeling of love come from?

Where does the feeling of love come from? Relationships tips and advice for healthy relationships, unconditional love and spiritual healing. #unconditionallove #relationshipsadvice #spiritualawakening #spiritualguidance

Most of us we are used to believe that love is something that is out there.

Something that is dependent on our outside circumstances.

For us to be able to receive love, other people need to be loving and kind in our company. Other people need to love us in order for us to be able to feel loved.

What I’ve come to see is something different.

Love is not something that is just out there and it is definitely not dependent on our outside circumstances. 

Another person, your partner, children or friend doesn’t need to be loving in order for you to feel these feelings of love and connection.

Love is something that comes from within us. It is something that we already have, and something that is not dependent on the other person.

Recognizing the true source of our experiences

When I began to see where my experience of other people was coming from, I began to see what was the true source of our love.

I experienced an insight and began to see how my experience of other people was never coming outside of me. It was always coming from within.

Whenever I was feeling disappointed, sad or frustrated because of something that another person had said or done, my experience was always coming from my own perception of the situation.

It had nothing to do with other people.

Realizing this allowed me to fall out of my head into the present moment. I completely stopped dwelling on my negative emotions when it came to other people. And I allowed my feelings to come and go without getting too attached to them.

I recognized them for what they were. Feelings that were created by the level of thinking I was experiencing in the moment.

And what was left was an experience of love.

Seeing other people more as they are

Realizing this allowed me to recognize how no matter of our outside circumstances we can always have a new experience.

— Every moment, and in every situation.

I recognized that the more negative was my experience, the more I was caught up in my thinking.

I began to see that other people was not to blame for my feelings of sadness and anger. These feelings were all created by me.

And if I wanted to have a new experience and see other people more as they truly were, the only thing I needed to do was to recognize how thought was creating my experience.

The awareness that I experienced allowed me to return back to the present moment — Back to the reality.

The more relaxed and calm I felt the more I saw that I could trust my thinking in the moment.

The more I could trust that I was seeing other people with more clarity.

And the more I began to feel these feelings of love and connection.

The feeling of love within

The more present we become, the more clear headed we get and the more we can trust our thinking and ability to judge in the moment. But also the more we begin to find ourselves in these feelings of love.

Why do we say that love comes from within us?

Because love has nothing to do with our outside circumstances and everything to do with our level of awareness in the moment.

If we don’t feel loved and loving this is because we are caught up in our stressful thinking.

And as soon as we let go and our mind calms down, we fall out of our heads back to the present moment. Back to the present moment where we can feel the feelings of love again.

We become aware of the love that is already there.

Love that resides in the present moment

The only thing that can stop us from experiencing love is we ourselves, getting too caught up in our thinking.

When we begin to see how this is true, it stops making sense for us to dwell on our stressful thinking the way we are used to. We start to recognize our thinking more for what it is, our mind clears and we become more present.

It is in that present moment when we become aware of the feeling of love.

Love is something that is always there, always there for us to experience. 

From time to time we might get caught up in our thinking and lose our awareness of it, but it’s still there.

In that moment of quietness and calmness when we let go of our personal thinking, it is there for us to become aware of. It is there for us to experience.

The more we begin to see how this is true, the more we begin to recognize how our experience is created within. And the more we begin to show up from this place of love within us.

Our relationships get affected and we begin to feel deeper feelings of connection.

Our challenges, arguments and problems begin to dissolve.

And what is left is love.


With love