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Desires and dreams — What is there for us to see when we don’t get what we want

Desires and dreams — What is there for us to see when we don’t get what we want. Spiritual guidance and healing through the 3 Principles understanding #spiritualawakening #spiritualhealing #threeprinciples #changeyourlife

When we are not getting what we want, this doesn’t have to mean that we won’t ever get there.

The only thing that we can know for sure is that it just hasn’t happened in the time frame we have self set for ourselves. In the time frame we believe that it should happen. Many times when this happens we get frustrated.

We get caught up in our heads and take our limiting thinking too seriously. When getting closer to our deepest dreams and desires really lies on the other side — In the opposite direction.

When we see our thinking for what it is — Pure imagination created by us — It becomes much easier for us to walk towards our dreams and desires. Our mind clears and we start to feel better and see with more clarity. We start to see beyond our limiting thinking to that pure potentiality that resides beyond our personal thinking.

There’s wisdom behind life that guides us and the universe is always there to support us. When we let go of our personal beliefs and stressful thinking, we begin to get a feel of this guidance.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll always get what we want. But in my experience if this doesn’t happen, that can only mean that there’s something even better waiting for us. Something that is beyond our imagination.

Either way, we’ll be led to that what we ultimately desire, when let go of our beliefs and desires and begin to listen to those small whispers of wisdom within.

Recognizing what we ultimately want

There are a couple of things for us to see that can help us, when we get too invested in what we want in life.

Whether we want to experience better relationships, make more income or experience a deep transformation we often forget what it is that we truly want.

Most of the times we don’t want these things for their own sakes. But we want what we desire, because in some level we believe that these things have the power to make us happy. Make us feel better.

We believe that fulfilling our dreams can make us happy.

However when our understanding about life deepens, we begin to recognize that happiness never comes outside of ourselves. It always comes from within us and is not dependent on our outside circumstances.

It is our birthright, something that is already guaranteed. Something that is always there for us to get a feel of. And as soon as we let go of our personal thinking in the moment, it is there for us to experience.

When we realize this we might find some of those dreams and desires of ours to lose their importance and fall off. And the ones that stay with us we can begin to walk towards more effortlessly.

Not because we need what we desire, but because of the joy and fulfillment we get to experience on our journey.

Our vision about the future is always limited

Another thing that we oftentimes forget is that our vision about the future is always limited.

Whenever we have an image about ourselves in the future, whether it’s a hopeful one or not, whether it is us with our dreams fulfilled or not, we cannot know what our experience will be.

This is because not only cannot we know what will happen, but also we cannot know what kind of thinking we will have.

The other day I stumbled upon a video from Byron Katie. In this video she shared how after her enlightenment experience she and her family were threatened. When she was asked whether or not she was scared when that happened her answer was no, she wasn’t.

What would she had been scared of she replied. What would happen to the image she had about herself and her family? The image she had about them in the future.

Hearing her said that stopped me for a moment. I recognized more deeply that whenever we think about our future, the image we have about ourselves is 100% of an illusion. It is our pure imagination.

Realizing this doesn’t only take away the fear that we experience, but it also allows us to more deeply to recognize that the present moment is all that there is.

Our thinking in the moment will always determine our experience, and our vision about the future is always limited. We cannot know what our thinking in the moment will be.

Not only are the dreams we have about ourselves after fulfilling these dreams of ours 100% of imagination, but also we cannot know what our experience will be.

What is for our highest good

When we recognize that our happiness is already guaranteed and that our vision about the future is always limited we get less invested in the outcome.

And when we realize that it is not our outside circumstances that create our experience but our thinking in the moment, we can recognize that we’ll always have our lows and highs.

Life always offers what is for our highest good. Whether we are in the present moment to experience this or lost in our thinking and suffering.

The view we have about our future is always limited and things don’t always happen in our time frame. Many times they don’t.

This is not because life is unfair or because there’s something wrong with us. This is because what is for our highest good always happens. Because we can only ever experience our thinking, our own perception of the situation, our view of life is always limited and we don’t always see what is best for us.

In those moments having faith and allowing life to have it’s way with us helps us.

When we let go of our preferences and fall out of our heads back to the present moment we start to hear more clearly the wisdom we all have within us.

The wisdom that is always there to guide us, show us what is best for us and support us. 

Allowing wisdom to guide us

The reality we get to experience when we let go of our personal thinking is always beautiful, just as it is. That is where the fulfillment we are looking for really resides, instead of in the illusion of the future we have created in our minds. It lies in the present moment.

Recognizing this and the role of our thinking when it comes to our experiences always returns us back to the present moment.

We fall out of our heads back to the present moment to experience the beauty and fulfillment of life.

When we get a feel of this we become less interested in what our ego wants, because we recognize the illusion of it. And on the other hand we get more interested in those deep callings of our soul.

What we feel drawn to.

Not because we believe that we will be happier when we get what we want, but because of the fulfillment we feel when we do what we feel called to do.

We all have within us this wisdom that guides us on our journey. We have this inner knowing that we can follow that always knows what is best for us, even when we self don’t.

The less invested we get with the outcome and the less thinking we create around our needs and desires, the easier it becomes for us to hear this guidance.

It is about allowing life to have it’s way with us, instead of we having our way with life. Allowing everything to unfold in the exactly right timing.

And in my experience, when we do this and trust this calling and guidance we all have within us, we always get more than what we desire.

We stop standing on our own way, hear the common sense that guides us on our journey and get more what we truly want.


With love